Ema Maksimcev, BASc

Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner

  Ema Maksimcev arrived to Vancouver from Serbia in 1994 right after graduating from high school. In 1997 she was admitted to the Natural Resources Conservation program at UBC, receiving her BSc Diploma in 2001. In 2003 upon completing the Healing Touch 1 Program, she felt that she was moving closer to finding her passion. Moved by the profound effect energy work had on her, she decided to learn more about the art of healing. In 2009, Ema graduated from the Integrative Energy Healing Program (IEHP) at Langara College. While completing her student practicum at a detox clinic in Vancouver, she found the IEH therapies were quite effective for supporting people overcoming addictions. To see these transformations was very inspiring and this experience secured her belief in a holistic approach to health and healing that integrates not just physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of human nature. The Integrative Energy Healing (IEH) combines principles of Western energy medicine and ancient Eastern teachings; the essential goal of this healing modality is to awaken your body’s innate healing wisdom. Providing a non-invasive, yet effective approach to raising self-awareness and becoming in tune with one’s body, IEH treatments balance energy flow on many levels in the body and/or clear any blockages that cause dis-ease. They are done fully clothed on a massage table in a supportive, confidential atmosphere. Ema has three children and finds energy healing a useful tool in everyday family life, especially for grounding, de-stressing and helping anxiety and restlessness at night. She loves gardening, spending time in nature, as well as meditation and yoga.


“Ema helped me feel comfortable and mentally at ease so I felt free to share my struggles. After lying down and letting her beautiful visualizations guide me into meditation, I felt a burden had been lifted and I was more in tune with my true nature – light and child-like. I began to feel less stressed and embrace my true inner worth, all thanks to the sensitive, nurturing energy healing techniques. I highly recommend a session with Ema to anyone looking to deepen their inner strength and release physical/emotional pain.”
– Susannah Garrett, co-owner of Edibella Organic Landscapes, Victoria, BC

“Ema’s session was deeply relaxing and healing. Her warm respectful presence helped me to
settle in for the session. I would recommend a session with Ema for any person looking to
nourish their body minds and spirits.”
-Pam Lewis, RN Supervisor at Island Health, Victoria, BC

“After the death of my husband I found an energy treatment helped me cope with grief.
Sometime later, I had occasionally felt discomfort in my right leg and could not find the source of the pain and through energy treatment the source of the pain was discovered and treated. I realized that it was from an injury I had suffered, while skating, ten years earlier. Last year I had a minor stroke and my neck was affected and energy healing helped remove the excruciating pain.”
-Dr. Joan Russow, former leader of the Federal Green Party, Victoria, BC

“I found profound healing and stress reduction in energy healing sessions with Ema. She
helped me reduce my stress and release chronic high level pain that I had accepted as my
‘normal’. I highly recommend her to anyone. So much gratitude.”
-Lucia Vardal, Yoga Instructor, Nelson, BC

“I have had three sessions with Ema which is a testament to how good she is and how much I
have benefited from her expertise and knowledge of the work she does to bring ease and
energy to the body. Following my last session working mainly on back issues as a result of a
fall I had the best sleep in days with little or no pain. I highly recommend her treatments.”
– Liz Anttila, Retired Corrections Officer, Victoria, BC

“This was my first experience with Integrated Energy Healing. I am glad I chose Ema as my
practitioner. Ema was calm, clear and patient while describing the service and conducting the intake. Ema’s professionalism stood out. The environment was clean and peaceful, allowing me to sink into the appointment quickly. After an hour of IEH I felt less stress, embarked on a clearer mind and had a sense of peacefulness. These feelings/sensations continued throughout the week. I appreciated that Ema was interested in personal goals and carried the practice forward with these in mind. I would definitely recommend Ema and believe IEH can offer yet another avenue towards healing and wellness.”
– Miranda Mundel, School Counsellor, Victoria