Carolyn Tremblay, MA

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Carolyn has a passion for counselling and is interested and curious about people, she appreciates the value and  uniqueness of each person.  As a counsellor she is interested in seeing how you can work together to explore and resolve issues and nurture your self exploration and growth.

Carolyn attained a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. She has experience and training with youth, adults, and couples. She provides both open-ended and short-term, goal focused counselling. She keeps herself informed with current therapeutic knowledge and regularly attends classes and seminars to expand her own thinking.

She believes counselling is a collaborative process. You can work together to make sense of what is on your mind, considering the circumstances and various elements that comprise each situation. In doing this self-exploration, you can gain clarity and understanding of self as well as how to go forward.

Carolyn’s approach is eclectic and she recognizes that each person has a unique set of circumstances, and this informs the therapeutic techniques and knowledge she is able to draw from. She employs a variety of therapeutic approaches which include: strengths based therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, response based therapy, motivational interviewing, psychoanalytic perspective and multicultural perspectives.

Carolyn places a high value on the personal agency and thinking of each individual. So while you can work through perplexing struggles together she believes that fostering honesty and mutual respect in your relationship can support individual decision making, growth, and clarity for each person. She creates conditions of confidentiality, non-judgemental, and empathic problem-solving.